Palm Trees at Sunset

Here's a classic LA sunset for you… a skyline of palm trees silhouetted against a colorful cloudy sunset on an unusually hot and muggy day.  This was taken in olde Van Nuys. It's a more mature part of the Valley with tall palm trees lining the streets and churches topped with red tiles and municipal buildings with whitewashed Deco-Moderne walls.
Above the architecture grow our Fan Palms or Washingtonia robusta.  From across a parking lot they show up against a light blue sky full of pink clouds.. and just a touch of retouching.  If you look carefully you might notice a streetlight or a power line or two hiding amongst the trees and a fortress-like utility building in the lower left.

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Frenie Agbayani said...

I agree Los Angeles is a city of arts. Many beautiful Los Angeles sculpture.


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