Red Neon Fireplace Signage In Encino

It is cold and rainy in Los Angeles this weekend, so here's some fiery fireplace signage to warm you up.  The sign for Encino Fireplace mixes white neon and bright red plastic.  I like the use of neon for the fire elements.  The white dots in the image are not ghost orbs, just raindrops on the camera lens!

This is a cool shop even if you aren't in the market for fireplaces, they also have BBQ accessories, mailboxes and lots of great brass pieces for decorating your mantle… and if you happen to be in the market for a mantle, they have those too.

The owner is a friendly, helpful guy.  He also owns the Floyd S. Lee Fireplace Fixtures shop in Pasadena whose sign has been designated as historic.

Just for fun I tried a neon enhanced neon sign version for you:

Keep warm and drive safe!

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Lisa said...

This is the first time I've seen your blog- great pictures!


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