Henry's Tacos and Googie in Studio City for Saturday Signage

Henry's Tacos is a Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) institution.  I was fortunate enough to make a trip out to Henry's this week and thought he'd make a perfect addition to my (sometimes) Saturday Signage Series.
Built in the early 1960's, Henry's hugs the corner of Tujunga and Moorpark Blvd in Studio City.  Their signage qualifies as googie architecture in my unprofessional opinion.  The name is spelled out in salsa red and cactus green letters on squares of bright yellow plastic.  On each side is a little retro cactus with a bow tie sign reading Henry's in black plastic script.  The menu is decorated with green and blue cacti and a few retro starbursts.  Seating is on the patio at wooden picnic tables.
Henry's is famous for their Taco Burgers and Old School LA tacos. By Old School LA I mean hearty food with crispy shells, real, ripe tomatoes and their famous seasoned ground beef.  I am partial to the Taco Burger which comes on a fresh bun with mustard sauce.  I always get a few extra to stash in the fridge for a midnight snack.

Now, judging by some of the restaurant reviews I've read lately, people are shocked, shocked to discover Henry's Tacos mainly sells tacos.  
They focus on the basics and doing the basics well.  They do not have those silly fish-stick tacos or prissy, trendy side dishes.  And if you insist on coercing a vegan friend along, you can probably shut them up by ordering a rice and bean burrito (off menu).  Don't forget a few containers of hot sauce too.  And they also have t-shirts.
The Henry's Taco torch is now being carried by his granddaughter, Janis Hood.  She lost her home in the Sayre fire last December.  We all wish her well and thank her for her continued good work and delicious service to hungry Angelinos.
Henry's is at 11401 Moorpark Blvd.  With apologies to LA Taco, I give them five tacos!

Visit the Henry's Tacos group page at: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/19286894022

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