Red Neon Hearts for Valentine's Day Saturday Signage

Here's a cool neon sign for you that fits both the day and the economy.  

Hart's Pawn Shop also gets the award for the most neon signage on their block.

And Van Nuys has some pretty hot neon from back in the day.  

Old Hart's has two red neon hearts with an arrow through them at the top of their sign, and small twinkly white lights down the side.  

Everything is in green and red across the front too.  

Their script on Pawn Shop is in red, but the script on Jewelers in green looks more handwritten.  

The entire storefront has a nice sort of late 40's feel.  

I decided to clean up some of the graffiti and extraneous grunge out of the shot with PhotoShop for them since it's Valentine's Day.

Hart's has been a fixture at 6362 Van Nuys Blvd for ages.  In fact, I even visited their store a few years back.  I was broke and I needed to sell my old wedding ring.  I had searched them out on the good word of a gal pal who said they'd been straight with her.  

It was a little like a country blues song.  It was a wet, stormy day.  I was driving my old jalopy down there hoping it didn't float away in the rain.  But my blue eyes weren't crying.  They gave me a really good deal!

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