Saturday Signage; Lucky 7 Sign Art Color Variation Test

Here's a photo of a cool old sign I've been playing around with.  I keep cleaning it up, pixelating it, changing the colors, putting in patterns here and there, then taking them back out.  

I still haven't decided if I even like it.  It may be a lucky sign, but the years haven't treated it so well. The neon tubes have broken off long ago, it looks like there were light bulbs in the arrow at one point, now long gone.  The number 7 must have had a nice neon glow over it at one point.  I wonder what color they used.   The paint is uneven and fading.  Not chipped, just fading in places that give it  an interesting texture.  I like how the outline of the letters for Lucky remain.  I wonder what color neon glowed inside….  See? It starts to grow on you.

I don't know if it will wind up as a funky piece of art or not.  Maybe I'll just put all the color variations into one giant piece รก la Andy Warhol.  Maybe it doesn't even need the street background part.  You may see this floating on clouds next time, or glowing with new neon.  Or perhaps it will just remain as a good excuse to push the limits of PhotoShop.  I'll let you decide.

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