Santorini in Los Angeles: Ocean Blue and White Architectural Inspiration

Whenever I drive by this house I feel like I've taken a quick trip to the Greek Isles.  I love how they have created such a striking picture with just a few simple home improvements.  The house is white with blue trim, but not just any blue, a rich warm blue like the Mediterranean Sea in summer.  It is splashed across the gate and the garage door for a big initial impact. 

But now that the house has our attention, we notice the details that deserve bonus points.  They've taken a plain, boring cinder-block wall and make it shine.  They added a row of glass blocks along the top.  They framed the blocks with bricks which are painted blue.  But there's something about the glass.  It looks like they have added a blue tint somehow.  Or maybe it is just the calking, which looks blue also.  The sun hits the glass in the late afternoon.  It must glow on the other side.  I'd love to sneak over for a peek, but I'd probably get arrested.  

We'll just have to imagine the scene: a delicate blue glow shining through the glass, falling across a little patio overlooking Santorini Bay. 

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