New Art: Hippocampus Mythological Greek Sea Horse of Poseidon

This is my new art for my AngelCityArt Store of a Hippocampus a mythical flying seahorse of Greek mythology.  Hippocampus are the mythical winged sea horses who pull the chariot of Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea and of Horses. 
This seahorse has the curled tail of a fish with scales and fins on his lower body.  The front and head are like that of a traditional horse, except the mane and front hooves are webbed, like a marine seahorse.
The horses of Poseidon are said to have shiny brass hooves although this horse has fins to help him swim.  This hippocampus has large wings gracefully curving over his back.  He flies over a classic Greek wave border with his name written at the bottom in Greek styled letters.
This art was restored from a black and white etching which shows underneath brighter colors from the ocean; gold, green, blue and regal purple.

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