Cool Neo-Classical Art and Adobe Tiles; Only in Van Nuys, Who Says We Have No Kulchur Dude?

Sometimes art happens when you're stuck in traffic.  It can help you slow down and appreciate the details.  

I love the beautiful painted detail on this cute little number with cool arches and pillars.

Um, that was a joke in the headline btw; I'm not sure this is neo-classical at all.  But I do know it's cool.  Feel free to straighten me out on my art periods in the comments section.

Anywhoo, I was rolling down Van Nuys Blvd the other day. I mean that literally.  I'd taken my foot off the break, not really moving at any pace, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure to cruise Van Nuys Blvd. (at night or in the day). 

So anyway I first noticed this building from far away when it looks like a cute Spanish mission style adobe with arches, a tile roof and stucco walls.  

But as you get closer, there's something different about the front of the building.

At first I thought it was relief on the fa├žade, but it's painted. 

It has a spectacular design of scrolling leaves, curling ribbons, baskets of fruit, a Green Man, and the beautiful and serious faces of gods and goddesses.  

The design goes under the windows, across the top and down a column in front.  

If you look at the window photo you can see the stucco man stopped at the sash (thank God!) and didn't cover any of the artwork.  I wonder if there is anything under the white stucco?  And when do you think the tile got there?  

I suppose this is a case for my newest idol Larry Harnisch who writes The Daily Mirror a cool Los Angeles History blog.

At one point this was an apartment building apparently. It also figures in a tragic murder case fit for a classic Los Angeles film noir.  In the process of researching this building I discovered this tidbit about it by my newest idol Larry Harnisch. 

The building address is 6410 Van Nuys Blvd.

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