New Years Art, Designated Driver Mugs and a Zazzle update for my AngelCityArt Store

These designs have just been improved and MOVED to ZAZZLE! My new favorite Print-on-Demand company is now the fine folks at where my new AngelCityArt store has been launched.
I started thinking about opening a store there last year. I put my toe in the Zazzle waters shortly after that. Once the CafePress corporate suicide / meltdown officially started in June 2009, I was SO glad I did! Now I am in the process of moving all my designs from CP to the big Z.
One thing I will miss about CP is the shopkeeping, promotional, website and all-around great advice I got from some of the Shopkeepers in the forums. I am happy to see many of my old fellow SKers doing some Zazzling now too. One of the important things I learned from them is to promote your site, not your store URL and to promote your store from your site. That keeps the control with you (in case you have to move all the links over to your new POD, for example).
One of the fun things I liked to do on this blog was introduce you to new designs. Luckily I can still do that; and give you an update on where my new and improved designs can be found. Hence, dear reader, this is the first of many blog post updates about new artwork I have written about over our time together.
Since I am starting fresh at Zazzle, I think it appropriate that I begin my first post redo with a fun, New Years theme. My updated post:
Designated Driver Coffee Mug
Here are two Happy New Year's designs I've just put up at the store:
My New Years take on how time flies with a Happy New Year Flying Hourglass!
This design uses vintage art of an hourglass with antique style, or gothic letters reading "Happy New Year".
One of the cool things about my new Zazzle store is you can customize my art! With the Customize It feature, you can change the year, add your name or any other message you want.
I also did a Designated Driver Coffee Mug version of this art so we can be careful out there on the road.
My second Happy New Year design might be fun for party tees, buttons or whatnot, with fireworks, balloons and champaign glasses:

Happy New Year with Fireworks t-shirt

Happy New Year!

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