Cool Retro Neon Signage; Star Lite Room in Studio City

We have lots of stars, starmakers and starry-eyed dreamers in here Los Angeles, and lots of cool signs based on them.
Today's cool signage has a huge red star with white letters over the Star Lite Room bar on Moorpark Street near Tujunga. Depending on who you ask, it is either in North Hollywood or Studio City or Tujunga Village. Either way this little corner of the valley has lots of fun retro signage.
I like the big yellow swoop surrounding the star.  I wonder if there was an arrow at the bottom of that swoop at one time. I don't always get to see this one lit, but even in the day it has star quality!
Drop by for a drink and tell them how much you love their sign!

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Laura Z said...

Thank you for your nice note, it's nice to know someone is out there!


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