Shake Out, Don't Freak Out During the Great Southern California Shakeout This Thursday November 13th

Shake out. Don't Freak Out. Or, as Douglas Adams would say; Don't Panic.

We are having a giant earthquake drill Thursday. One of my favorite seismologists, Dr. Lucy Jones is asking everyone to plan ahead for the next earthquake, so I'm in.

At 10 a.m. on November 13, join millions of people throughout Southern California in the ShakeOut Drill, the largest earthquake preparedness activity in U.S. history! Please register today.
The Great Southern California ShakeOut includes the ShakeOut Drill and other events to help us get ready for big earthquakes.

No earthquake is complete without seeing either Dr. Lucy Jones or Dr. Kate Hutton on TV. They're both scientists with Caltech (California Institute of Technology) and have their own Wikepedia pages.

I remember Lucy giving reassurance to frazzled residents after an earthquake with her child on her hip. Seeing a familiar face is so comforting after those 30 seconds of sheer terror. After the Northridge quake I was crawling down a dark hallway strewn with objects crying "I want Kate and Lucy. I want Kate and Lucy."
Dr. Jones has her own Wikipedia page here…

The main objective of the drill is to get you to plan ahead. Get your survival kit going, discuss your emergency plans with your kids. Since phone coverage us spotty at best, make sure someone ouside of your area has your contact numbers. That way you only have to get one call out to one person. They can call people on your list for you.

One of my own secret strategies for the next earthquake is to get to know my neighbors better. Trust me, it's much less awkward when you're standing in the middle of the street in your pajamas. But for now, you don’t' even have to talk, all you have to do is wave. At first they'll have strange looks on their faces, "Huh?' But soon they'll remember "Oh yeah, it's that crazy lady down the street'. After the next big one you'll be glad you recognize each other.

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