Art Update; New Thanksgiving and Art Photography Designs at My AngelCityArt Store

Here are a few new things I've just put up in my online store.

Autumn Song Thanksgiving Poem Vintage Art
This is a lovely poem of thanksgiving for the harvest called Autumn Song. 
I framed it in antique printer's marks with gothic nature designs. I used rustic fall colors of tan, rust and blue.

Office Boxed In; Officescape or Micro Cityscape
I'm coining a new phrase and naming this an officescape. I took a close-up of an interesting building full of glass and curves and turned it into a micro-cityscape. I like the curving green glass and contrasting squares of dark grey granite.
I framed it with granite details clipped from the main image. This is my version of a corporate business type card. I thought it might be fun for sending those job interview thank you cards.

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