Favorite Wall Street Bailout Photo of the Week: Jump! You fuc*ers!

I get a lot of forwarded jokes.  This is still making the rounds a week later.  I thought I'd share it with my readers who aren't lucky enough to get dozens of forwarded jokes each day.

It's a photo of the Stock Exchange with a home made sign reading Jump! You fuc*ers.  I'd love to credit the photographer, but there's nothing on the photo.

I would agree with the protester; at least the architects of The Stock Market Crash of 1929 had the common decency to jump out of their windows (without parachutes made out of gold).

I can't imagine the rat-faced Dick of Lehman doing anything like that.  Besides, Mr. Fuld got his entitlement money already.  

They're all entitled, didn't you know?

Photo: Panthor

Anybody got a photo of Bush playing the fiddle?  Why hasn't anyone been fired?  Bush  defends bailout....

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