7 Tips For Angelinos: How To Be Mellow To Los Angeles Tourists and Each Other

Would you be nice for 13.6 million dollars?  That's what the LA Convention & Visitors Bureau estimates LA made on tourism in 2000.  As I wrote earlier in the week, a recent survey by Travel & Leisure Magazine ranked LA dead last in friendliness.  WE ARE LAST BELOW NEW YORK. 

Dude, Californians are supposed to be mellow.  LA used to be able to combine laid back with cool, add a dash of Hollywood flash and make everyone feel so goooooood.  Yeah, the economy sucks and we're all broke.  Forget about that right now.  It's a beautiful day outside.  We got beaches to rest on and canyons to hike, free museum days and great junk food from every corner of God's Green Earth.  That's why people come here to chill out.  Let's work on our good vibrations.  Chillax.  C'mon baby, we can get our groovy back.

Here are AngelCityArt's Top Tips to the City of the Angels on how we can be kind to tourists, each other and have a mellow day: 

Smile.  You look better that way and you may be able to put off that Botox appointment a few more weeks.

Say 'Please' and 'Thank You'.  It's called Common Courtesy.  It also makes you look like a cool person. 

Wave To Your Neighbors.  After the next earthquake you'll be glad you can tell the difference between them and the looters.

Be Helpful:  If you see a group of people pouring over a map and looking around in confusion they may be lost.  Ask if they need help.  Give accurate directions.  Do not lure them to a secluded spot and mug them. 

Take a Picture:  Offer to take a photo for visitors at tourist spots.  Give the camera back.  It would also be awesome of you to tell them about other interesting spots nearby, your favorite hangout or a great restaurant off the beaten track.

Schmooze:  Think of yourself as an Ambassador for the City.  While you're taking pictures or giving directions try talking to your newfound friends.  Where are they from?  Are they having a nice time?  Thank them for coming here to spend their vacation dollars.  Impress them with your knowledge of unique landmarks and local history.  Warn them about the 405 during rush hour.  Advise them to use sunblock.  Is Fred Segal having a sale?  Tell them the things you would want to know about the city if you were exploring here.  They'll appreciate your kindness and you'll have a better attitude about yourself.  Warning:  Following these directions my lead to happiness, a better outlook on life and new friendships.  Plus the next time you're going to a far-flung destination you'll be able to say you have friends in the city.

Be Proud.  You just helped save the Los Angeles tourism industry!

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