A New Home Selling Trend? Solar Real Estate Signs Put The Valley In The Spotlight

Seen recently driving around in the Valley:

Real estate signs with their own lights.

They aren't as bright as a porch light, but they're bright enough to be seen driving down the street.

The light units fits on top of the broker sign and casts a discreet glow onto the sign and the brochure box below.

At first glance, I thought the sign was part of the front lawn decor, until I realized it had a realtor's name on it. The ones I've seen all belong to
Eddie and Tina Bernard Real Estate.

Eddie Bernard tells me he has been doing this for a while now. As far as he knows, they are the only ones lighting their signs.

"They are designed to get along with the neighbors and homeowners associations," he says.

With rows of LED lights on each side of the unit pointed at the sign, his environmentally friendly light units are solar powered, and timed to go off after 4 hours.

He has seen units with brighter lights, even flashing lights in different colors.

Personally, I'm not sure how the flashing lights would go down with the neighbors. I'm glad he's sticking to the low-key solar version.

My super-deluxe night vision photo shows an Eddie sign in action. I had a difficult time taking the shot in the dark with no tripod before the homeowner could call the cops on me. The car in the background is reflecting light from the street light across the street.

Keep an eye out for them in the West Valley.

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Los Angeles Linda said...

What's in the photo?It looks hazy.


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