Mobile Art in L.A. Car with Ray Charles and other "Blues Angels"

Here's a cool art car for you. I snapped it just because it was pretty rare to see a blues car in L.A. Especially one done with a professional paint job!

From my research I've found that it is a Honda Fit painted by:
" Jack Poppitz, a self-taught outsider folk artist and carpenter living in Colorado, usually works with old wood as a backdrop for his folk art. The Fit provided a unique, aerodynamic canvas for his eclectic approach to his craft. Poppitz painted every square inch of the Honda Fit Custom Art Car with the imaginative flags and blues musicians for which he's best known. Among the many "Blues Angels" taking a permanent ride on the Honda Fit Custom Art Car are legends such as Ray Charles, B.B. King, Lead Belly, Walter "Furry" Lewis and J.B. Lenoir. Driving the hood of the Fit is a glorious depiction of blues guitarist Sam "Lightnin' " Hopkins, resplendent with angel wings flying."

It was part of a House of Blues auction to benefit: " International House of Blues Foundation (IHOBF), a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to bringing the arts to schools and communities through programs that promote cultural understanding and creative expression."

It's a cool car. I found a press release about the auction, but no follow up about who won the car or how much he paid. Well, good for him anyway. Congrats dude! On behalf of Los Angeles, thanks for making our city a little bit cooler.


dollymabis said...

A ghost just took over our computer when we came to look at your blog. Is your site haunted?

Laura Z said...

Did it look like Ray Charles?
My blog should be cruzin' on those cool blues vibes right now.

Actually, I was just updating my post to fix a typo a minute ago, maybe that's what happened.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by!
I can't even get my mom to post a comment!


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