De Soto Pharmacy in The Valley; Cool Blue Neon Art

Here's another example of cool neon art for you. Actually, I suppose technically this is really a lit argon sign.

It's in bright blue or teal, with a nice combo of scripty and blocky letters. I think the double letters really make it pop more.

The apothecary jigger thingy is in backlit plastic.

The DeSoto Pharmacy is at 20914 Roscoe Blvd on the corner of DeSoto and Roscoe

They also have a real old-fashioned soda fountain inside!

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lucindamichele said...

Love this place!

Have you ever seen the sign for Mustang Liquor, on Sherman Way a little east of Canoga?

The neon Mustang "runs"--on, off--on, off. :D


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