Heat Wave Fries Thermometers in Los Angeles 109 degrees in West Valley

Here is your obligatory photo of a thermometer in a frying pan. It's about 107 degrees today.

I am writing this from the safety of the Escape Pod. The one room in the house with a window air conditioner unit. The swamp cooler is broken; for some reason I have trouble finding people who remember them from the 1940's. They actually do a pretty good job if you change the pads every year and get the water going. But if you forget to grease the bearings in the motor, well, then all bets are off. But I digress.

Before retreating to the escape pod I was trying not to touch my computer too much because it was so hot. I'm worried about my battery overheating so I had a fan going on it. I decided if I can't even touch my computer maybe it is time to fire up the window unit, take the animals and make a graceful retreat. Now the dog is passed out in a dark corner of the room and the cat has his legs up in the air like a cheap floozy. They look much happier and so am I.

More heat is expected this week.

And remember in Los Angeles, it's not the heat that gets you, it's the pollution.

The Daily News has a list of swimming pools and things you can do to beat the heat here:

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