Passengers Are People Too Travel Slogans; My Artistic Response To Airline Abuse

Passengers Are People Too Shirt
I am so sick of being treated like crap when I travel, in response I've created an entire section of snappy, sarcastic slogans for pissed-off travelers and shoppers

You'll want one the next time a flight is cancelled or you are charged extra for using the bathroom. Wear them at your own risk.

In the meantime, our pal Christopher Elliott over at MSNBC gives some really great tips on avoiding the new fees, cool passive-aggressive dissent ideas for passengers and a place to vent your frustrations and network.

Fee for all: Avoid new airline luggage charges
Strategies that can help you get around American's $15 first-bag fee
By Christopher Elliott,Travel columnist,MSNBC contributor, updated 3:40 p.m. ET May 21, 2008

American Airlines’ decision to slap a $15 fee on the first checked bag — that’s right, the first checked bag — isn’t the airline industry’s first attempt to squeeze more money from passengers through a sneaky surcharge. And it won’t be its last.
The airline blamed “increasing costs of transporting checked baggage,” for its move. “While we understand that these fees affect customers, we also believe that our pricing for the services we provide remains extremely competitive in the industry and continues to offer our customers ample choice and value,” American’s chief executive, Gerard Arpey, said in a prepared statement.

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