Update on our girl at 5303 Lankershim Blvd, Bank Heist

I decided it was time for an update on the recovery of one of my favorite buildings in North Hollywood.

The Lankershim Bank building, or Bank Heist building suffered a terrible fire in January and is now undergoing restoration.

The building is now wrapped up in scaffolding and plywood. 

It looks like they have finished replacing all the glass in the windows.  The bottom story windows seem to all be intact. I'm glad to Fire Department was a able to save them.

The architectural elements on the outside of the building all seem to have survived intact.  Although, it's not as bright and shiny as before.  The smoke from the fire has added a patina to the white stone, bringing out the carved details like tarnish on good silver.

Yes, the blue tiles underneath the roof are still OK.  Here they are seen through a small gap in the plywood.

Did you know the old Bank Building in Highland Park could be her lost twin sister? 

Did you know she has her own Myspace page?

I'm going to update my page on her on AngelCityArt to include these after photos with my before ones.

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